Saturday, October 30, 2010

3rd post to "Best Halloween Party EVER!"

Terri (the fireman/woman) her husband (the fire!) and "Doctor" Donna.

The house was dark and spooky. Great for the special effects, but not so great for photos. This is the living room. Every area had fantastic Halloween decorations. The lighting was done with green, red and purple light bulbs which really gave the rooms a haunted feeling.

This was the front entrance hallway. The walkway leading to the front entrance had smoke machines and scary monsters that jumped out and scared you.

"Where's Waldo" and "Toy Story" cowgirl ... (how perfect was she???)

Vicki and two (more) of her friends.
So there was a fortune teller, a character artist and a fantastic DJ playing great music. Still more pictures to come in the next post.

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