Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some of south florida critters's

There is this really cool tree on the way to my house with a large hole in it's side. I always imagine that Gnomes live in there. Today when I drove by, the Gnome's pet lizard was waiting for them to come home.

If this tree was mine, I would put a tiny ladder from the ground up to the hole. So when people drove by they would do a double take.

A new lizard is in town. I heard this one is called a "Cuban Lizard", does anyone know if that is the right name? I also heard they gobble up all the other species of local lizards AND they bite. He seems pretty content to just sit on the snail's head. The snail looks a little worried though...

I'm not sure what's cookin in here. Maybe it's one of these cool black and yellow fellows that are pictured below. He was moving to the left so I think that's his head on that side!

All my pictures are shot with a Cannon G10. I love this camera because it does all the work!

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  1. I bet Gnomes do live in that tree! How awesome! They might need that ladder to make the climb easier