Tuesday, September 14, 2010

rattled brain

It's been a month, an entire month since I started my cool job as a barista. But I'm suffering tonight. I'm suffering from self doubt. I don't think I'm catching on as quickly as I should. People get so annoyed with me. In addition to that, I can't hear half of what the customers say! I even think one of the managers is getting fed up with my questions. I get a little rattled and then all goes wrong. Today we were super busy and the customers would would want to dig into the bottom of their purse for $3.oo in dimes and pennies. Then when the next customer would get to me, they were already angry for having to wait so long.
I love it though.
I'll just be reeeaaaallllly happy when I finally (totally) get it.


  1. I worked as a barista at a little coffee shop down her in hicksville for about a year. Its no joke! There's a ton to remember and the customers aren't always the happiest (that's why they're getting coffee! ha). And from my extensive experience as a coffee shop employee/customer, I'd bet you'll be the best barista there soon.

  2. Jono,
    Thank you for your support. Today was a much better day!
    Hey, I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF JOVI of her smiling while she is sleeping. (?) Or, I think she's sleeping. I have it on my face book. I think it is just the sweetest thing EVER!!

  3. Hang in there Karen! Standing in line there sounds like a strange language, and you are having to learn it and be fast! Call me when you have time.

  4. Karen I can't even imagine having to learn this. it would all be greek to this old lady! I know you will catch on soon. Try not to let others intimidate you...you can do it!!!
    Thank you soooo much for your dear comment! It meant so much to me.

  5. You'll get it. At this point you probably already have.