Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.
I spent the day catching up on some yard work. The "Garden of Weedon" looks terrible. I bought a hose that is called a "soaker hose". I'm going to try something new this time. Watering the plants. The hose works well. I got totally soaked putting it in place.

It's been a week since our return from Disney. I'm still ill. I feel like I've cracked a rib from coughing. Tomorrow is back to work. All money I made from the show has been lost due to missing work for the week. Now that I'm back I want to start working on the art again, but here is the problem. I still have a lot of inventory left over from the art show. With no outlets to sell to, and no web site to sell them on, what do I do? What do other artist do? I suppose now is a good time to create that Etsy site, or a web site of some kind.

Easter doesn't feel like Easter today. We are all in different places. I'm here at home, Chuck is at work, Alex is at a friends. I'm not cooking, I'm too tired. Our family feels more broken than usual.

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