Sunday, January 24, 2010

making fun things

I've been looking for these cute little wooden birds forever. This one was from "Steinmart" on sale for $2.00. They come in all sizes, the fat little finch types are the cutest. I want more, but can't find them anywhere. They're wooden with metal legs.
So this one needed more of something.
I found the wood finial at Home Depot (for the top of a fence post) for about $4.00, and painted it brown. To secure the bird I drilled a small hole in the top of the finial and made a nest out of old rusty wire. I stuck in a few feathers and some dry cleaner lint to make it look more "bird nesty". Then I wired the bird and nest to the finial.
It looks cute in the corner of this room.
PS Not doing so well on "Goals 9&10 for 2010". Food is outta control. :(

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