Friday, January 15, 2010

kinda like in "Avatar"

I am loving life right now. The first two art classes have been posted (in the side bar) for the start of the "Have a Creative New Year" campaign. I'm gathering materials and looking forward to the kick off class on Jan. 30th. Also, I'm working on the "Epcot Art in the Garden Show", coming up in March. This has me a little panicked... what to bring, how much to charge for my creations, coming up with a "kick ass" booth (direct quote from the book "How to succeed at a Home Based Business"), and so much more.

I realized something about myself last weekend. Even though I only work 3 days a week outside the home, it's a good thing. I NEED to get out of the house. I keep thinking that I want to retire, however I have this problem. I spend an inordinate amount of time on my couch. It's like the "Command Center" from the "Starship Enterprise". I have all my art stuff around me, my lap top, TV w/remote, cell phone, house phone, recent Vampire book I'm reading and of course at least 5 Stampington magazines within arms reach. Anyone seen "Avatar"? There is a scene where Sigourney Weaver is laying down and the ground is sending out glowing white root tendrils that are completely covering her body like a cocoon. This is what is happening to me on my couch. My couch is sending out roots that cement me to the cushions.

I love it. It's the most fun I've had in years and I'm not going to deny myself. It's my studio!

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