Sunday, November 29, 2009

Florida Fall

While everyone else in the country is experiencing the rich colors of fall, we here in south Florida are in our never ending summer. So what if we don't have a real season change... We are in our continuous shades of gorgeous greens. This morning was beautiful. A cool 70 degrees. The report is, our cold weather is leaving us. :( It should start warming up again tomorrow. This photo was shot early morning a week or so ago.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A trip to S. Carolina

I've never thought about visiting S.C. But when my best friend (Kim) moved there, I knew a trip would happen sooner or later. It was a wonderful week of perfect weather, great food, new art techniques and silly and stimulating conversations... top it off with my sister Roo coming for a couple of days also. A perfect 5 days of catching up on our lives.
This post and the following one are some pictures of different moments of my vacation.
1.) Kim's studio is my dream. The space is flanked by large windows for beautiful natural light. It has two large doors that can close off the area if it's too messy and company arrives. She painted it in a beautiful, restful blue and has a great work table in the center. It's attached to the living room, so your still a part of what's happening with the family. Love it, love it, love it.
2.) Me, early morning, reading in front of the fireplace.
3.) I never saw cotton growing! Kimmie in a cotton field!
4.) Kim's painting of cows in the moo-nlight.

more photos...

The 4 pictures are
1.) Kim and me working on a new technique.
2.) Sister Rudi coming up with the final drawing on Sabrina's picture.
3.) "Colby Ann", the sweetest dog ever. She has such a big nose!
4.) Me, by the lake, reading Somerset Studio, wearing Kim's bear slippers!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Art Studio Tour

My headache finally went away. I lost an entire weekend, plus two days. Now, this weekend I'm playing "catch up" on my never ending list of things to complete before Thanksgiving and the
"Past and Presents Home Art Studio Tour". The exciting thing is the tickets to the event sold out almost immediately. Not surprising... Bridgette has built up quite a loyal following over the past years with these tours. It's going to be fun! I think there will be 30 women here for the polymer tile class. Not too difficult, I have 3 terrific friends that are going to help me co-teach so we can have all the attendees leave with a completed project.
I'm counting down the days!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Our son used to call them "headjakes" when he was little. I have had a major one for 4 days. It's the weather, it's the pollen, it's the dust or smoke or something in the air. What ever causes it, it is crippling. I'm not alone. Every 3rd person I run into is suffering. The dreaded "Sinus Headache". Are they worse here in South Florida than in other areas? My "to-do" list is huge. Who has time for this? I'm laying flat with dark towels over my eyes, scalding the skin on my face from the super heated showers pouring down on my head, using my "Nettie Pot", and trying not to OD on Excedrins. The good news is they rarely last more than 4 days. Tomorrow is day 5 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, eyes closed, and the hot towels on my head... My "to-do" list will have to wait.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My favorite gift store.

Here, in this part of the country we have a wonderful little store called "Past and Presents". It is one of those special places you go to shop, meet friends, or just kill some time. When ever someone needs a present or your doing some decorating and looking for that special piece, this is the place for you. These posts are pictures of one of the nicest gift stores I've ever had the the pleasure to shop.

More of my favorite store...

Who says Fort Lauderdale (or Cooper City) does'nt have fabulous shopping?