Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I got out my old Halloween stuff. I haven't put that stuff out for years. I'm feeling festive.
I bought the Witch at an art show. I love her! I love her so much that I leave her out year round in my bedroom.
I have to get in the decorating mood because...
December 3rd I'm having an "Open House" kinda thing. My favorite store "Past and Presents" has a "tour of homes" every year. The homes are magnificent. Ours does NOT fit this criteria however, my friends and I are going to teach an art project! So there will be food, plenty of wine AND ART! I can't wait! The difficult part will not be teaching, it will be trying to make this house presentable! I made a list today of what has to be done in the next 40 days. I think it will take about 6 months to check everything off.

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